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Facebook Video Downloader Online - Description

Facebook platform is designed only to allow Facebook users to watch videos on their own platform. However, many users need to download and save Facebook videos to their smartphones or PCs, so they can watch them without being connected to the internet. Therefore, we created this tools which allows all Facebook users to download & save their favorite videos.

FBKeeper.com is the simplest online tool which allows you to download & save Facebook videos directly to your desktop or smartphone. In other words, our Facebook video downloader tool is a Facebook to mp4 converter, so that you can see these videos offline, edit them or re-share them with your friends in any social account.

In addition, you will be able to download Facebook videos in HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition). Our Facebook video downloader tool works for both HD & SD videos, so that you can download videos as often as you like.

How to Use Facebook Video Downloader?

  1. Copy the link of the Facebook video which you wish to download.
  2. Then paste the video link into the box at the top of this page.
  3. Finally click the Download button. Then FBKeeper will search for all available download options for this video. You will need to decide which version of the video you'd like to download (SD or HD), and click to make the magic happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Facebook videos saved on my PC?

Facebook videos are being saved under the default browser download folder. Usually, you will find them in folder called "Downloads". Here's a shortcut to find this folder:

  • Chrome:
    • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
    • Mac: Press [Shift + Command + J]
  • Firefox:
    • Windows: Press [CTRL + J ]
    • Mac: Press [Command + J]

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Sure, you can download live Facebook videos once streaming done. Just follow the above steps to save the live video to your computer, Android or iPhone

Why do videos play instead of downloading the mp4 file?

You can simply fix this by following the below simple step:

  • Windows: Right-click on the link and choose “Save as” or “Save target as.”
  • Mac: Hold down the "Control" key on your keyboard and click the link, then choose “Save link as” or “Download linked file."

How to Download Facebook Videos on my iPhone or iPad?

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How to Download Facebook Videos on my Android Phone?

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How to Download Facebook Videos on my Computer?

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How to Download Live Facebook Videos?

Live Facebook video is the same as any other video on Facebook, you can download it just after finishing live stream, however we prepared a detaied guide for this: How To Download Live Facebook Videos

How to Download Videos from Facebook Messenger?

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